Thursday, March 02, 2006

We, The People

Political tailors keep us naked and starving.
Vested interests are like suits
with two pairs of pants,
one gray,
one herringbone.
There can be no black or white.
There can be no straightforward pattern.

Pentagonian pimps turn democracy into a whore,
a kept woman
who answers only to her keepers.
Every day she looks more like lady justice-
blinders in place.

Our shining star of freedom
has developed a curious green patina
and a fishy odor.
We grow old
and our sense of smell fails.
Is that stink from the right or the left?
Alas, it isn’t behind us yet.

So stand in line to register.
Stand in line to choose.
Vote your rightful conscience.
Then deposit the ballot
and flush twice.
It’s a long, long way
to Florida.

(published by Third Eye)