Thursday, January 05, 2006

Under the Influence

The length
of this road,
your girlish face,
time we’ve spent apart

drew me back
to draw you close, but
I’ve drawn the wrong conclusion.

It’s the time of year
for heavy frost.
I’d scraped away enough
to find the yellowed leaves
of our past
yet knowing how way
leads on to way
I doubted if I
should ever come back.

It’s the time of year
for killing things,
a duck, a deer,
a bottle of merlot.
So pull the cork;
let’s make a toast
to a past that lies here ashen.

Here’s to the cold embers
of a fire burned long ago.

(published by Artistry of Life)

1 comment:

Alia said...

Heyyy old buddy old pal,

Site's coming along real nicely. I've read all these poems and commented on them before... so... do you want me to tell you what I think of them anyway?

Have you considered background music? Does this domain let you do that? I mean, maybe some soft music in the background... I've always thought that music and poetry go well together... I dunno, maybe something to consider. And also, what about graphics? I mean, nothing too flashy, but how about some artwork? Contemporary, Romantic, whatever you like... whatever you think might fit. Of course, you'd have to give the artists proper credit and recognition. How about a painting to go with each poem or a song or I dunno... I'm just rambling here.

But melikes what you've done so far. I'm gonna cruise around some more.